Franchise Offer

Franchise Offer

About Us

Be Smile is an Indian E-Commerce Platform with Multiple of Services (Food Delivery, Taxi Service, Online Shopping and Many are at Developing Stage…) Established in the year 2020.

–>We are Offering the Franchise on Food Delivery & Taxi Service all over INDIA.

–>Applications are available on Google Play Store, App-Store and Website (


Franchise Detail’s:


  • franchiser who are interested to take the franchise need to deposit amount to the company. the deposit starts from rs.4.5 lakh which is non-refundable.


  • Franchiser can able to get the profits from Restaurant orders in Food Delivery. And 20% off profits from Taxi Service.

Example: Restaurant Commission is 20% and Order amount is around Rs.1000/- then the franchise income is Rs.200/- in order. Also Same in Taxi Service.

Terms and Condition:

—->The Deposited amount can’t be refunded back at any Situation.

—>Be smile will able to cancel the agreement when the franchisee is unable to Develop the Branch (or) doing certain unnecessary things (making the bad name for our Brand Be Smile), we will Continuously send them notice through mail, if there is no reply from the franchisee with in the Given Time period Be Smile will cancel the Agreement and Take the Franchise Back. Franchiser need to develop their branch by taking the guidelines from the Company.

—>Franchiser need to Start the Franchise within a week from the date of Agreement.

—>Company will not provide any type of offline advertisements (Boarding’s, Posters, palm plates and etc…).

—>Company will able to provide digital marketing by using Social Media Platforms and other Online Advertising platforms.

—>The total branch maintenance can be taken by the Franchisee, which includes Delivery executive’s salary, office Charges and etc…

—>Franchisee will get the profits from given area.

—>Company will able to provide you 75% of branch profits. The Profit can be calculated Apart from Delivery Executive Salaries.

—>25% of payment to be done every month within 5 working days after generating the Billing. If the franchisee fails to pay the bill on time the 25% penalty will be applicable Per a Day on billed amount.

—>If the 25% of profit value is less than Fixed Amount the Franchise Need to pay that Fixed Amount to the Company in Monthly Bases. If the 25% of profit value is equal or Greater Then Fixed Amount the 25% profit value goes to Company.

—>Restaurant payments will be done regularly without any inconvenience.

—>Be Smile will mail you multiple times to notify for the annual renewal process. Rs.5000/- (Five Thousand should be Charged for the Renewal Process; the agreement will be Renewable every year. 

—>Be Smile will not force you to buy any add-ons such as marketing tools, or other overheads. But franchisee need to do Certain Off-line Advertisement (Stickers, Boards, Brochures and Etc…)

—>The franchisee bought will be a lifetime intellectual property of the you. With refer to point 2 the franchise can be cancelled.

—>You can transfer to any other person interested with keeping Be-Smile in the loop.

—>Be Smile will cover all the backend expenses including servers, gateways, tele-callers, API’S etc…

—>Payment gate way Charges 2.5% (Two decimal point five percent) will be charged for Online Payments. Company will able to Transfer the Online Payments Weekly Wise.

—>5% (Five Percent) GST will be Charged from the Restaurants on their total monthly billing amounts.

—>Franchisee need to maintain the Seperate Current Account for their Franchise. 

—>Franchisee is liable to pay for front and expenses like delivery boy salaries, office rents and physical marketing tools.

—>If franchisee is unable to Full-fill the above terms (or) included in any criminal act, then Company will able to break the agreement and remove you from the job with certified proofs.


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