Money Transfer Business

Join as BeSmile Store and earn up to 1 Lakh per month

BeSmile Store has introduced a Domestic Money Transfer Business opportunity for all its partners to assist customers who want to transfer money online to their near ones. This unique business model aims at helping the migrants, laborers, and underbanked population of India. Kick start your own agency to provide money remittance service to customers with BeSmile Store to give a boost to your earnings.

Domestic Money Transfer Service | Remittance Online

Money Transfer is easy to start business. All you need to do is to Sign up to BeSmile Store by uploading KYC. After verification is completed, retailers can activate a Domestic Money Transfer Business free of cost.The service has numerous benefits which makes it a win-win for retailers as well as customers.

Cash to Bank

The sender need not have a bank account, just an active mobile number to do a transaction.

High Limit

A customer can transfer up to Rs.25,000 per month using a single unique phone number.

Instant Transfer

Transfer money online to any bank account in the country 24/7, irrespective of banking hours.

Confirmation SMS

Immediate confirmation to sender via SMS as soon as the transaction is successfully completed

Fully Secured

Multiple security measures in place to ensure complete safety from start to end of transaction.

High Commission

Get best commission in the industry on every transaction and that too real time in the wallet.

Benefits of starting your online Money Transfer business

  • Instant and real-time commission on every transaction.
  • Great Income opportunity without any investment as Money Transfer Distributor.
  • Money remittance service will attract more customers to your outlet by improving your service portfolio.
  • Save time conduct transactions through BeSmile Store Mobile App or Web Portal.

Why BeSmile Store?

  • BeSmile Store have the least charges in the industry.
  • Domestic Money transfer is integrated with multiple banks in India to ensure 99.9% uptime.
  • The money transfer services franchise associated with us gets instant and real-time commission on every transaction credited to their BeSmile Store wallet.
  • Our secure, instant and easy remittance service allows money transfer agents to send money online to any bank account in India in a fast and seamless manner..
  • Our experienced service personnel are equipped to handle all queries.
  • Seamless process designed to reduce transaction time and effort using our portal.